Turning 50 is one of the biggest turning points in one’s life and what better way to make things extra special is to come up with a great birthday party to celebrate your loved one turning 50. They will have had several birthday parties by now and what better way to celebrate than to come up with a birthday party that will be captivating and surprise them by being uniquely different from most parties that they have had. Here is a guide on how you can plan out the ultimate 50th birthday party.


Celebrating for Men – Party Themes

  • Silver Fox – The term silver fox is usually used to describe someone who is in their older age but still rather dashing and attractive to most people, even those younger than them. This theme can be done by setting everything up in a slightly modern design with some older fashion in the mix. Colours such as white and black are ideal along with different shades in the middle and include silver to bring out elegance. A fun thing to do at the party is make an awards labelled the current year along with their name called “The Silver Fox” award to spice things up and give them a flattery feel at the party.


  • Great Gatsby – a more sophisticated theme based on the 1920’s Great Gatsby can be a great way to keep things formal and trendy. This theme is classical and elegant at the same time and is suited for a more classical or formal type of theme. For this theme you can go with a black and gold colour shades in between and get designs similar to the images of The Great Gatsby while putting up their name printed in such text along with the design.


  • The Man, The Myth, The Legend – This is both a classic and modern theme based on reminding a person about of how much of a legend they are. Mixing up colours such as black and white along with a main colour, preferably their favour as a mix in the design go well with the party and banners can have their name above the text “The Man, The Myth, The Legend” in bold font for emphasis. You can have a quick presentation, speech or toast that ends with praising them followed by the words “To [name] the man, the myth, the legend” which will really bring a big smile on their face.


  • Military Inspired – Setting a theme for military services they gave back in the day can bring back a meaningful as well as nostalgic. This would show a lot of appreciation as well as show how proud everyone is of them. Picking out designs such as miniature ships for the navy or plane figurines and for the air force along with other related designs can make a great theme for retirees.


  • Beer or Whisky – A good old casual birthday theme for men who love to drink beer, whisky or whichever liquor is their favourite. You can design banners following the designs of their favourites which for example could be a classical Jack Daniels theme, having you follow the colour theme and design while having their name written in the same text or a modern Bud light theme, following the design as well as having their name printed in the same font.


Celebrating for Women – Party Themes


  • Fifty and Fabulous – Turning fifty is considered to be a point in one’s life to be the golden age and we want our golden girl to feel special so bring out the gold and white colours to show them that no matter how old, they are still gold. Pick out colours between white and gold and even add in a little silver to the colours used. Banners can be printed with the “50 and Fabulous” or “Fifty and Fabulous” on them. You can print out tarpaulins and other decorations with their name and pictures following a gold design.


  • The Queen – What better way to make them feel at the age of 50 then to treat them like royalty, mix up some royalty colours which can include some silver, white and gold along with colours like slightly darker shades of blue, red and purple. Decorating the party with gold is suggested a to add in a little fun you could design a chair for them to sit on which resembles a thrown and even make her a party hat designed like a crown.


  • The Wine Party – If you plan to go for a simple or modern them, a wine party would be lovely especially for those who love to sip on a bit of wine from time to time. Pick out some basic shades from white or black along with their favourite colour for a design. You can go for a vintage to modern design or even mix them up and prepare some wine to be served either vintage wine to popular new wine, include their favourite too if you can.


  • Luxury Inspired – Whether they are into luxury or just the simplicity of luxurious brands, luxury inspired designs can make a great 50th birthday party. You can take up some luxuries brands of fashion or scent and use these as a design for the party. You can get creative for example, going for a Chanel inspired design where the food would take up colours from the brand and you can have a print saying “Chanel 50” to emphasize the birthday. The colour sets from such designs look lovely and if they are a fan of such luxury brand then you can use their favourite as reference for a design.


  • Beautiful Bombshell – A classical and fun birthday party would be a party with reference to “The Blonde Bombshell” Marilyn Monroe even though they are not blonde, the colour scheme and design look really good. You can settle for flowers such as roses with vases as decorations and have pictures of them edited to look black and white with some additional design. Printing a large picture of them similar to one of Marilyn Monroe’s popular logos is a creative idea and you can make it designed the same yet based on one of her poses or pictures.


Celebrating for Both Genders


  • The 1970s and Onwards – A classical way to design your party theme would be to take on inspirational designs from the 1970s and onwards bringing on a feel during those times. Picking out designs to set up the birthday party can bring a classical feel to the party which is also a creative and unique way to host a party. A dress code for formal or classical attire could make the party more in tune and you can even include dancing from during such years as an activity and way to spice up the party.


  • Music Inspired – Music from the past is golden and it would be a great idea to not only get a live band to perform at the party but also take up designs from some of their favourite music bands or artists. You can pick out designs or even combine them based on popular bands that they like or that were around during their youth to bring back memories, surely this will put a smile on their face.


  • Vintage Party – As most parties are modern and repetitive, they have had enough those and its time to bring back the classy past with some vintage designs. A lot of people find vintage designs classy and you can use such designs to inspire the party. Printing out some images, posters and banners with such designs could go well. Choosing a colour theme with different shades of grey, white and colours such as brown, orange, gold can bring a more vintage feel to the designs as well.


  • Best Memories – At the age of 50 there will be several things that the celebrant has been through, accomplished and experienced. We sometimes forget the best memories we have and what better way to remind them of all the happy memories than to bring it out during the party. Put up posters or tarpaulins with pictures of them and their proudest and happiest moments in life. Be it pictures of them and their accomplishments such as graduation, work, events they have been to and different pictures from their younger years can bring a lot of joy to the celebrant.


  • Family Love – A great way to bring joy to someone is to remind them how much their family loves them and how important they are in a family. Have a table set up or tables arranged where family is the closest to each other. You may have several family pictures used as printed out on banners or posters as decorations that include them. Have an activity as well where members of the family say a personal message to the celebrant to show them how appreciated they are and how important they are to the family.


Surprise Celebrations

For surprise celebrations you can bring them an unexpected party by inviting them to dinner at a venue or asking them to meet up with you. Giving them an unexpected party will surely make it more memorable for the. You could ask them to meet you at home where either the party will take place or invite them for dinner where you have planned the party to be and a classic would be to say you are stopping by somewhere after previously inviting them somewhere or asking them to accompany you.

Picking Out a Venue

When picking out a venue, be sure that it fits the occasion and pick your theme before selecting the venue to avoid having to make several changes which can save a lot of time and let you focus on other details. There are many possible venues which can range from a party at the beach, fine dining restaurant, hotels so other guests have a place to stay if they came from a long way, a fancy ballroom, a beautify garden location and even a large backyard.

Activities for The Celebration

Be sure to have some activities set out for the party to make things more fun which of course includes the singing of happy birthday along with more fun activities such as dancing to music or a live band, having the guests or family give special messages to the celebrant while they sit at the centre of the room along with a slideshow or video playing of them and their memories, a toast to them and many greater things to do at birthday.

Photographer or Photo Booth

A great way to make the party memorable is to actually have something to remind them of it and there is no better way to preserve memories than to have photos of them. Hire a photographer or rent out a booth and an attendant so pictures may be taken. You can have a photobook made out or collect photos to make one or have one prepared. Getting pictures with the family and guests is a fun thing to do during parties and seeing these photos will surely remind them of the great party you have thrown for them.

Preparing and sending Invitations

Make sure you plan out how many people you are inviting and be sure to print out invitations for them. In the event that you do not have the time or are unsure how to design them you can always look for someone or a shop that has such services. You can also send invitations online but it’s still advised to have invitations that were printed out or traditionally created. A great design for your invitation would be to follow the theme of the party and be sure to indicate the venue, attire if applicable and time.

What Will Be Served

Depending what time of the day the party will be held, you can decide on the menu. Stick to food that will accommodate the tastes of everyone, especially the celebrant. Depending on what kind of party you can also have drinks such as Whisky, wine, beer and other party drinks. Venues for parties usually offer a lot of choices for food to be served or you can hire a catering service. It’s even an option to prepare the food yourself, especially if you know how to cook the celebrants favourite food.

Suggested food to go along with the party would be to include:

  • Past to present food – food starting out from their younger year’s progress to the current modern date can be a great way to bring back memories so picking out some of their all-time favourites from them growing up advancing to the current date would really be a treat for their taste buds.


  • Vintage Meals – food and drinks from the more classical days of their youth or earlier could be very exotic to taste and make the birthday very different from all the ones they have had in the past.


  • Favourite Food’s and Drinks – It is a good idea to remember the celebrant’s favourite choices when it comes to foods and drinks and having these in the party will not only be satisfying but also show that you remember this about them.


  • Chocolate and Sweets – Sweets at a party are loved by everyone you can include chocolates especially wrapped in gold, cupcakes designed and relating to the theme as well as other goodies the everyone loves to snack on. Our Donut Walls can provide a fun cost effective dessert option which also gives great photo opportunities for your guests.



  • Serving Up Drinks – You can include wine, whisky or beer depending on what type of party you are holding for the celebrant or even get custom cocktails made based on the celebrant’s favourites or having a mobile bartender hired to make things more interesting. Drinks can really bring life and joy to a party for several guests.


Gifts for The Celebrant

There are several gifts that can make the celebrants party memorable and unique. There are several gifts to give the celebrant for their 50th birthday.

  • Photobook or Collection – A great way to make a birthday memorable would be to give them photobook of the events of the birthday later on or a meaningful collection of best picked photos of them and their moments in life to give them something to smile about every time they open it.


  • Travel Plan or Fund – Suggest to contribute to a fund to let them go on a vacation or travel to a place they always wanted to go by collecting and later on funding their travel plan. This serves as a great way they can spend a trip later on after the party.


  • Nostalgic Items – Some of the best memories come from items which can be gifted to the celebrant that reminds them of their younger days or reminds them of their hobbies and interests.
  • Box of Memories – Putting together a box full of messages, memories and important items from ones past in one box can really make the celebrant remember a lot of good times they had. These can include letters, old pictures, objects related to one’s past that they might have forgotten.


  • Collection of Messages – Having everyone prepare messages for the celebrant to read will always give them something to look back to and smile about every time they open such a box. This can include photos with messages or letters from the guests.


Gifts for The Guests

A great way to thank the guests for coming and celebrating with you would be giving out a party favours to them to remember the birthday and time they spent with each other at the celebration. Gifts such as simple customised items can be meaningful and you can result to customised frames, bottle openers, mugs, wine glasses, key chains and much more.

Having a 50th birthday party can mean a lot to someone as this is a special day for their journey in life and it’s great to have it celebrated with family and friends. There are a lot of ways to make the ultimate 50th birthday party and a lot of options to choose from. It’s important for everyone, especially the celebrant to have a great and memorable time.