Your wedding day is going to be one of the most important days of your life and what better way to create memories than to have pictures taken. These can literally last forever as a single picture can remind us of any special occasion. Having a photo booth available will allow you to have several pictures taken, allowing you to create numerous memories of your wonderful wedding. Once you are able to acquire a wedding booth service for your wedding, you should be sure to take advantage of it and create as many possible memories that you can.

Size Matters

If there are sizes available important to get the right size for photos to be taken in. You don’t want a booth that is uncomfortable and that would not fit you and whoever your taking a photo with. Be sure to check the size and see if it sufficient in space. No one wants to be stuffed or clumped together to an extent where it feels forced. The best pictures are taken when relaxed and getting a booth that doesn’t force people in an uncomfortable state will allow great pictures to be taken.

Designing Your Photo Booth

It is good to design your booth and match the theme of your wedding. Choose colours and decorations that relate to your wedding or even include some of the decorations that were prepared for your wedding and have them added to the booth. You can also let them know in advance how you would like it designed. Having the photo booth designed for your wedding can ensure that all the pics look good and show that they were during the day of the wedding and also look good as they match in photo albums.

Ensure Props Are Available

A great way to make valuable memories is to bring props into play. Providing props that can make taking photos fun and can really get laughs among you and your guests. Popular props would be signs, hats, moustaches, wigs and much more. The more available props, the funnier and happier the pics will be. It’s great to have pics that are normal and pics that are playful and wacky as the best memories are made with happiness.

Creative Photo Settings

Some booths offer services where the photos may be edited such as adding effects, placing your head on a cartoon body, adding stickers or images on the photo and more. Being able to add things to the already taken photo can allow you to make cute and funny pics or even simply just design them to add a little creative touch to the photos. Some people like having both a regular photo and one that they can edit.

Take Photos with Family and Friends

One of the most important things during a wedding is to create memories and this should come into mind all the time as your family and friends are there on your very special day so having photos with them and photos of them can really add more happiness through the photos and the memories they hold. Be sure to ask your family to take photos with you as well as your friends since it is indeed a very special event.

Collect Photos

You’re going to want something to remember the wedding by which are of course photos but you won’t always be there all the time to get them form your guests as that would be a bit time consuming. Instead of going through the trouble of asking for photos one by one, you can always leave a box where photos may be dropped for you to collect later or provide an album that they can put their pictures in. Usually after taking a picture you will get more than one copy so providing a way to collect the photos as well as a pair of scissors or something to cut them with will allow them to give you one.

Hire an Attendant

You will need someone to attend to those who will have their pictures taken as self-service is not really a thing when it comes to such provided event features. Having someone to attend this will make things fast and organised and depending on their skill, they can make sure the pictures come out alright. You can even request they match what they wear with the theme of your wedding.

Memories mean a lot to us and they serve as proof and remembrance of a good day and in this case, a great event. Having pictures with your friends and family will serve as a good collection to remind you on your special day and who was there with you to witness it.