Birthday parties are one of the most loved things by kids and they always get excited about them and it’s a good thing to make it worth their while. Sometimes it’s a bit difficult to plan things out, especially nowadays since there are so many trends and some many things that kids can be interested in. What really matters are that they have a great time at their birthday party and that other kids do to. Here are a few easy ways to come up with a great home birthday party for kids.

Picking Out A theme

Depending on the age of the kids you should choose a theme that they would be more interested in and should keep in mind what interests the celebrant as well. Kids at the age of 3-5 would usually be interest in cute things such as animals, butterflies, cartoon characters and such while those at the age of 6 would be interested in the newer trending shows or characters such as characters from Marvel or Justice league or themes about Harry Potter or Narnia. Going for a theme that the kids are interested in based on what is trending and what they are interested in is a great choice for a theme.

For a simpler theme you can stick to simple birthday decorations and choose an assortment that gives colour to the birthday. Kid’s at the age of 3-5 will love a mixture of a lot of colours while those that are aged from 6-8 will want a more focused assortment such as a few colours and a few shades of those colours to match everything.

Choose The Right Time

Since you will be inviting people, you need to make sure that they will actually be available to go so you can avoid having people being unable to attend due to being busy or due to the wrong timing. Plan your birthday to be on a day where there won’t anything done the next day or during a weekend. Weekend birthdays go well since there won’t be any classes so that gives you the whole day to enjoy the birthday party.

In the event that the birthday will be celebrated during a long week off or a vacation date, you could also have two celebrations where one would be with your family and one with guests to make time for a special family bonding and one for their friends to come to. This could make the kids very happy since they get to celebrate twice.

Sending Out Invitations

Be sure to send out invitations as early as possible so people can plan on coming and that they can make up time in case they have some previous engagements. You can send out messages to parents by texting, online messaging or e-mailing but don’t forget handing out invitations is much more classier and can ensure they actually get them. You can print out invitations or get creative and make them yourself, adding stickers, printed labels and other cute designs to them.

Plan The Amount of Guests

Once you have a theme chosen, it’s important that you plan on how many guests you will be having. Make sure your party can accommodate more than the amount of invitations you have sent out to be sure so if you’re having a party and expecting around 20 people to come, it would be wise to at least prepare for 30 since you don’t know who else might show up. Be sure that there is space for everyone that you invite and if you don’t have that many tables and chairs for it, you can always rent some or borrow from your friends.

Get Creative

Birthday parties are supposed to be fun and the more creative they are, the fuller of fun they will be. Express your theme more by getting balloons, banners, tarpaulins and other decorations. You can even make your own decorations with simple strings, ribbons, glitter and several more arts and crafts materials. Searching online for some DIY party decorations can help you create some pretty impressive decorations. If you’re looking to have something which stands out – you can hire oversized letters and numbers for your childs name or birthday number.

Make Activities

Parties should be fun and you want to keep the kids busy and give them a memorable time. Having games will really bring life to the party and even better would be to include prizes. You can go with new games or invest some creative activities for the kids to do or stick to the classics such as musical chairs, pin the tail on the donkey, the boat is sinking and much more.

If you go for some party games, make sure to focus on group play games and avoid games that would leave some kids being upset about being out or losing. Get a game where everyone can have fun and win. It’s better to have cooperate games when you have prizes or for games such as musical chairs you can have a prize for those who are out of the game.

Preparing The Right Food

Be sure to get food that the kids will enjoy as some kids may be a bit picky over the food. Try getting juice boxes with a variety of choices for kids and include some all-time favourites such as hotdogs, hamburgers, pizza, spaghetti or some classical homemade food. For a healthier side, you could make sandwiches, veggies based foods with dips and portioned meals.

Something sweet always gets to the kids such as candies, ice cream and of course, the cake. Kids will enjoy these a lot and birthdays become really fun with some tasty treats and deserts to munch on. Try to avoid any food that are common for allergies and pick choices that many kids will enjoy.

Candy buffets are a favourite for both children and adults. If the age group is relatively young however it is recommended to pre-bag the candy for the children to avoid any potential breakages and leave the buffet to the adult guests.

Bring Out an Amazing Cake

Cakes will always make an impression and will definitely grab the kid’s attention. When it’s time for everyone to gather around and sing happy birthday it’s to have chosen nice cake and not to mention a tasty one as well. Pick a cake that goes with the theme or at least follows the colour and choose a flavor that the celebrant likes. You can go to a shop to have a custom cake made following the theme where you can have it based on the celebrant’s favourite character or designed to relate to the them or have colours chosen out that matches it.

Opening The Gifts

When it’s time to open the gifts be sure to announce its and do it during the party so you can show the appreciation and to add another memorable moment during the birthday. You can either open the gifts by choosing them one by one or even get creative by doing a spin the bottle selection game top pick which gift to open or pick out straws. Making it more fun during the opening of gifts brings a lot of joy to a party.


What better way to celebrate a party and ending than having giveaways? Coming home from a party with giveaways can really make kids happy so you could prepare some simple gift backs with candies, small toys and more. You can also decide to choose a simpler gift to avoid having some many things for them to bring by giving gifts such as a simple toy or a sealed pack of assorted candies, that way there won’t be so much clutter on the way home.

Birthday parties are meant to be fun and the best way to make them that way is to plan it out accordingly but it is not something you need to worry about as there are many easy ways to make a birthday party great. Keeping these tips in mind will ensure that you give the kids a fun time and make the celebrant happy.