If you have a party coming up and plan on decorating things yourself but are unsure how to do so, there is no need to worry because even the best parties come from the most creative and even simplest of designs. There are several ways to bring life to the party and make sure that everything looks and feels wonderful. With these tips you can easily take set up an impressive party.

  1. Redesign The Party Areas

The party starts the minute you arrive to the moment you leave so it’s best to make sure that all the places where people will pass by and stay look well. You don’t have to spend a lot and set up a lot of luxurious pathways and all but simply put a few things that bring colour and style to the areas. Adding some nice fabrics on tables, designs around doorways, colourful curtains near windows and other simple objects to design your everyday home will make it look all the more special.

  1. Position Everything Well

It is a party and you want to make sure that people will be comfortable so be sure to position everything well such as chairs, the tables and the food tables whether you have catering or you have cooked everything yourself. Making it easy to walk around will allow people to get food, go to the bathroom and even give areas to mingle. It’s important that your party does not feel compressed as this can cause discomfort so make sure there is some space for everyone.

  1. Make The Table Presentable

A lot of time will be spent at the tables and its best to make sure they are set up neatly and that they look good and clean. Even a simple cover or a few nicely placed sheets can make a table look beautiful and it is important they look clean. Adding extra things on the table can also bring life to the party with even the simplest things such as flowers in a nice vase, simple art that can be placed in the middle of the table, and even some early appetisers for the guests.

  1. Set Up Nice Chairs

If you have enough chairs that is great but if you don’t, consider renting some and even if they are simple ones, don’t worry. You can simple design these with fabrics, or covers and other materials you have if not supplied by who you are renting them from. Be sure you have the right amount as you don’t want people ending up standing around due to the lack of chairs. Make sure you have enough to go around and get a little creative with the design as well. Even a simple ribbon or fabric can look a normal chair fabulous.

  1. Use Your Finest Tableware

Parties are special events and you shouldn’t hold back on showing the finest tableware that you have. If you bring out the best tableware you have then it really gives a good impression and makes everything all the fancier. Be sure to set these up as well and make sure they are all positioned the same to make things look even more tidy and elegant.


  1. Light Up The Mood

In any event, lighting is a very important thing to consider as the mood of the whole party can be set by the lights that you have. Getting the right colour and setting the right brightness depending on what party you are having can bring out a big difference. Instead of using common white lights, try some coloured lights in some areas and mix other colours to create some nice looking effects. In darker areas that don’t require so much light for a more chilling mood you can set up dim lights to bring out the evenings touch.

  1. Assorting The Food

Don’t just stuff everything on the table once it is ready, try to organise everything from food to drinks to deserts and all. Arrange it by what type of food it is and even in a manner that could suggest what food would go well together or what food would be delicious to progress through. Organising the way your food is sorted will not only make it easier to pick out what you want but it also looks better. Having separate sections for finger food, the main meals and desserts will help keep the guests flow without issue. Check out our candy buffets for a fun dessert option.

  1. Tidying Up The Bathroom

It’s a party and its going to last a while so be sure that the bathroom is tidy, that there are toiletries and no unnecessary clutter such as clothes that might be left on the floor and make sure it’s clean and dry as you don’t want people walking around in a bathroom that looks like it everything has just been used.

  1. Adding Party Decorations

A party isn’t much of a party without decorations, be its simple balloons, pictures, banners and other party designs, the party looks much better with decorations. You can even bring flowers from outside and put them in certain areas to give a nice touch to the room, add balloons to chairs or the sides of the area and even have ribbons and fabrics neatly placed around.

Parties are fun and the more well decorated they are, the more joyful or eventful they feel. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to make the simplest room turn into one that is prepped for a great party. Pick out a theme that feels right for the party and stick to it and once you see the creativity you placed, even you will feel the party vibe going.